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Brettles Alpacas

The first Brettles alpacas were purchased in 2003 and the herd has grown steadily to total 10 breeding females today. They are all Huacaya and all except one are white.

In 2008 a top young male Bozedown Compulsion was purchased. He is an outstanding son of Bozedown Galaxy with excellent conformation and very good fibre quality and density. He has served all the Brettles females in 2008.


The herd is run in a commercial way along with all the other Brettles Pedigree enterprises. Now that numbers have risen to the original target level the aim is to produce good quality stock for sale. Please click on the “alpacas for sale” button to see details.


Alpacas are delightful animals and very easy to manage (certainly compared to some of the other livestock!).

They are full of character and individuality, always curious and friendly. They move so gracefully and with those big soft eyes their appeal is enduring.

As an investment they can give much more fun and satisfaction than shares in some uncertain stock market company!