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Perrymill Jacob Sheep (Flock Number 707)

The Perrymill flock was established in 1976 and has had considerable success in the show ring and at Society Sales.

The flock is a Four Horn flock and sheep are selected that have a proud carriage and can hold their head high as well as meeting all the breed standards.

Currently there are 24 breeding ewes and the flock is one of the very few in the country to be Maedi Visna Accredited and also Scrapie Monitored.

Ewes are sponged to lamb in January so that ram lambs and ewe lambs that are correct and well grown may be sold in August and September.

Jacob lamb is some of the tastiest meat and is the only lamb that finds its way to the table at Brettles farm!

Margie was Chairman of the Jacob Sheep Society from 2000 to 2003 after 18 years on the Council of the Society.

She is always willing to help new members.