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Tracing the Breeding

This Article was written for the Jacob Journal


As part of the displays at the open day hosted by Margie and Mark Rushbrooke for the JSS AGM weekend at Stourport on Severn were two 2007 born lambs that related back to Margie and Mark’s first ever Jacob lamb, 31 years earlier. We have reproduced here the details of the breeding from 1976 to 2007 with some of Margie’s notes on the sheep involved.

1976 707 J 2 Perrymill Asia (2 Horn)
707 J 2 was one of the original 4 ewe lambs we bought at the Jacob Sale in Bishops Castle in July 1976. The very first sheep we ever purchased for the princely sum of £12.50 each and came from Mr. Hughes of Anglesey. We named them Persia, Asia, Lydia and Cornelia (because she had 5 horns). There was no flock book then and when it was introduced for the first time we all had to give numbers to the ewes we wanted to register. Thus although Asia was bred by Mr. Hughes she was given the Perrymill 707 prefix.

1979 707 J 2 Perrymill Asia
mated with
215 J 151 Leo (4 Horn)
Leo was bought as a lamb from Col. Scott from Bourton on the Hill when Ken Cartwright was working as Col. Scott’s shepherd. Leo was sired by “Knep” Champion Jacob at The Bath and west Show in 1973.

1980 Leo and Asia produced 707 J 32 Perrymill Orestes (2 Horn)
Orestes won First Prize at Kington Show as a ram lamb in 1980 and was then sold to Mrs. Sellar for her Lanhill Flock, 814, at Chippenham. We think that Orestes may have been used by other flocks including the Knowlton flock of John and Anna Milner.

1982 Orestes was mated with a Lanhill ewe (presumably 4 horn).

1983 This combination produced 814 J 231 a 4 Horn female.
814 J 231 was bought by Margie at the Jacob Sale in Reading as a ewe lamb in 1983. She couldn’t resist the chance to buy back a link to one of our original 4 ewes. We, not surprisingly, called her Lanhill Asia.

1986 814 J 231 Lanhill Asia mated with Perrymill Stavros 707 J 57 (4 Horn)
Stavros was the son of Llangybi Prince (4 Horn) out of a Teifi (polled) ewe but had his father’s strong 4 horns. We bought Prince from Myrdin and Betty Griffiths after a memorable trip to Wales where we saw some great sheep and were treated to wonderful hospitality by a lovely couple. The Teifi ewe we bought from Tommy Richards. He later bought a ram lamb of ours that won first prize at the Royal Show and in 1985 he went on to show him at the Royal Welsh Show and win the breed Championship.

1987 Stavros and Lanhill Asia produced 707 J 150 (4 Horn triplet)
707 J 150, called Perrymill Asia 2, stayed in the flock for many years and in 1992 produced Perrymill Romulus and Perrymill Remus who were placed first and second as ram lambs at the 1992 Stafford Show and Sale. Romulus was made overall Champion.

1990 707 J 150 Perrymill Asia 2 mated with 707J164 Perrymill Prospect (4 Horn)
Prospect’s breeding went back to Solway Geordie bought from Ella Maxwell and also to Perrymill Stavros. In 1991 Prospect sired Perrymill Sebastian who was first prize Ram Lamb at the Royal Show that year and was later bought by Peter Rudd at the Edinburgh Jacob Sale.

1991 Perrymill Asia 2 and Prospect produced 707 J 220 Perrymill Alice (4 Horn)
Perrymill Alice in turn produced Perrymill Fiona in 1995 and in 1996 as a shearling, Perrymill Fiona won the Female Championship at the Royal Show but was pipped to the Overall Championship by shearling ram Perrymill Benson.

1995 Perrymill Alice mated with 707 J 214 Perrymill Monty (4 Horn)
Monty was one of our real favorites and always a real Gentleman. He was sired by Pencaedu Hirbie out of a Perrymill Stavros ewe. Monty went on to work for Lyn Jones, for Jean Blacknell and then for David Sizer and was still siring lambs in the Flock Book aged 11 years! Margie bought 2 ewe lambs from David Sizer at the St. Boswells sale in 2003 because they had Monty as their Grandfather on both sides of their pedigree and they are still in our flock.

1996 Perrymill Alice and Monty produced 707 J 395 (4 Horn)
707 J 395 was 4th prize ewe lamb at the Royal Show and went on to win the Jacob Championship at Cheshire County Show in 1997.

2002 707 J 395 mated with 707 J 624 Perrymill Costa (4 Horn).
Perrymill Costa was a very good bodied correct ram but sadly his genotype was Group 3 ARQ/ARQ. He had all our good breeding, “Stavros”, “Hirbie”, “Ben”, Prospect”, “Monty” and “Romulus” in his blood. He was bought by Chatsworth Estates who were not concerned by his genotype for their ewes at that stage. Later he went on to work for Stan and Beryl Taylor for their Feckenham Flock. He was at Brettles as a shearling when the British Wool Marketing Board wanted some promotional pictures and so featured in their posters.

2003 707 J 395 and Costa produced 707 J 728 (4 Horn)

2004 707 J 728 mated with 4086 J 10 Raeknowes Billy (4 Horn).
Billy was purchased from Fiona Thorburn at St. Boswells as a lamb in 2003 when we needed completely different bloodlines and Group 1 ARR/ARR rams before we converted the Perrymill Flock to Maedi Visna Accredited status.

2005 707 J 728 and Billy produced 707 J 780 Perrymill Frankie (4 Horn ram)
Frankie is still in the flock and worked well in 2006.

2006 Perrymill Frankie mated with ewe 707 J 727 (4 Horn)

2007 In March 707J727 produced a ram lamb and a ewe lamb.
Will either of these two prove as significant and rewarding as the original Perrymill Asia 707 J 2 ?

With your own records and some help from the Society Flock Books it is amazing what information you can discover about the ancestry of your own sheep and it can be great fun even if sometimes it is a bit nostalgic.