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History of the Perrymill Flock

The first Jacobs were purchased from a sale at Bishop’s Castle in July 1976. There were 4 ewe lambs and a ram lamb brought back to Perrymill Farm in Sambourne, Warwickshire.

They were a mixed bag and some early attempts at showing sheep brought about some rapid learning.

It took a few years to decide to concentrate only on Four Horn Jacobs because of their proud nature and striking appearance.

They are more difficult to breed because to breed a sheep with 4 well spaced horns all curving in roughly the right direction often seems like a lottery!


Perrymill Jacobs improved and started to have success at shows peaking in 1996 with Perrymill Fiona a shearling ewe, being made female champion at the Royal Show and Perrymill Benson, a shearling ram, winning the male championship and being given the overall champions rosette. Quite a cause for celebrations.


When the Perrymill flock of Jacobs moved to Brettles Farm in 1984 the Perrymill name was well known and was not changed but they had to share their environment with North Country Mules, South Devon Cattle and Pedigree Shropshire sheep and later, Charollais sheep and Lleyn sheep.

The introduction of Maedi Visna accreditation for the Brettles Charollais sheep flock meant running two separate sections on the same farm and the decision was made to convert the whole farm to an accredited farm and replace the North Country Mules with pedigree Lleyn sheep.

This accreditation for Maedi Visna in 2003 meant testing all the Jacobs and making them accredited too. As a consequence it has no longer been possible to take Perrymill Jacobs to the major shows.

Anyone interested in more detailed history of some of the Perrymill Jacob breeding lines could click on the “button” …tracing the breeding… to read an article that appeared in the Jacob Journal in 2007.