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Brettles Lleyn Sheep

120 pedigree Lleyn ewes, now entirely home bred, are kept to produce breeding females for sale and for replacements.

The flock lambs indoors in late February/early March, normally over a tight 20 day period. Ewes and lambs are turned out almost immediately to whatever spring grass might be appearing! Most ram lambs are castrated unless they have particularly good breeding and are very correct. All good ewe lambs are kept through to become shearlings on a very low input grass only diet supplemented in extreme winter weather with some hay. The aim is to sell shearling ewes that will perform on a low input system.

A few rams are selected each year as potential breeding rams. Over the winter months these are whittled down so that only the very best remain to be registered and sold.

There are currently 2 stock rams, all ARR/ARR genotype.

Wraycastle 621-70595.
Bought at Ross on Wye in 2008 from the Geldard Wraycastle flock for 1100 guineas.

Llysyrawel Dylan 699-71373.
Bought at Ross in 2008 from Mr. & Mrs. D. Vaughan.

For the past few years Brettles ewes and rams have been sold at the Midland Lleyn Sale at Ross on Wyeon the first Thursday in September.

The flock is Maedi Visna Accredited, Scrapie Monitored and all the ewes are either R1 or R2 genotype ensuring maximum resistance to Scrapie.