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History of the Brettles Charollais Flock

The first two Charollais rams used at Brettles were 2 French imports that were purchased in 1986 from the late Roland Harris. He had rejected them because their legs and feet were unacceptably bad but they were ideal for use on a large flock of commercial North Country Mules. They had very little fleece and quite massively muscular gigots.

After a couple of years a small number of females were purchased at Society and private sales to found a small flock to produce rams for the farm to use commercially itself. This inevitably grew into a larger enterprise with the aim of producing rams to sell.

Slowly by using quality rams the standard of ewes has improved and membership of the Sire Reference scheme has given access to top quality breeding.

Some of the sires used in the last 10 years include:


ZFY 8064 Rutland Jackpot
ZRY 9005 Hasgill Luke
ZFY 0008 Rutland Albus
YHM 0062 Carnevas Ascender
YPP 0076 Tilton Ace
YCP 2014 Regen Claud
ZVY 2019 Lowerye Charlie
AB 3080 Crogham Dominic
ZFY 3013 Rutland Domingo
WF 3019 Brettles Don Juan
ZNN 4299 Logie Durno Earl of Dunbar
WF 5026 Brettles Finn
DG 4301 Foulrice Equinox
PE 6077 Dalby Galactico
VV6049 Rockvilla Golden Promise
ZEG7012 Riverdale Highway


WF 3019 Brettles Don Juan

Particularly notable sales from the flock have been Brettles Casanova purchased at Worcester in 2003 by Lionel Organ and used extensively in the Southam flock and Brettles General purchased by Mark Johnson in 2006 at Worcester helping him to win the trophy for the best small flock in the Central Region. In 2011 Brettles Lancelot was purchased by Innovis at the Premier Sale for 1000 guineas to be used in their breeding programme.