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History of the Brettles Herd

South Devons were chosen by Margie and Mark in 1981 because they were the UK’s largest native breed, were capable of growing fast off grass and because their docile nature made them easy to manage.

They have lived up to their reputation.

Two heifers were originally purchased from the Englbourne herd after a visit to several Devon breeders accompanied by John Pappin the Secretary of the South Devon Herd Book Society. One of them, Englebourne Gypsy 26, is in the breeding of many of today’s cows.

A purchase of three heifers was made from the South Crossland Herd which also proved to be valuable foundation stock. Heifers were also purchased from the Grove, Roskymer, Northope, Waddeton, Woodgreen and Cholwells herds with varying degrees of success.

When the herd moved to Brettles from Warwickshire in 1984 a stock bull, Torr Down Rebel 13 was purchased and further bulls were purchased every 4 years or so. Most significant of these were Juniper Quercus, a well muscled son of Juniper King Lear and Oxey Reddish 3.

Quercus gave some great females and these clicked with Oxey Reddish 3 to give some of the best bulls Brettles has produced. These bulls have been working in several well known herds throughout the country.

In 2002 the Brettles Herd won the Cecil Harvey Shield for the Best Herd of cows in the National Herd Competition and were also winners of the Best Herd of Cows Competition in the Midland Club. Brettles were overall winners of the Midland Club Herd Competition in 2003.

Brettles SAS Fusilier


The herd joined the SAS Breeding Group in 2001 and in 2005 used Z Eyton SAS Illya as one of the linkage bulls. He produced Brettles SAS Fusilier who was used in 2006 and 2007, siring fast growing calves with no calving difficulties.

The Brettles Herd had the honour of being chosen as one of the herds to be visited on the South Devon World Congress Tour in June 2005.

In 2008 we purchased X Haughton SAS Joe Louis 4.

This young bull was bred and shown by Bill Sandford a fellow SAS member.

He had good figures and was accepted as a SAS Linkage Bull. In the Brettles Herd he produced a number of fast growing polled cattle. One of his son's, Z Brettles SAS Intrepid selling for 5,200 guineas.


X Haughton SAS Joe Louis 4

Female exports to Northern Ireland

Brettles SAS Vera 6 is one of 4 heifers exported to Northern Ireland in the past year to help start a new herd there.

Brettles bulls go to Northern Ireland in 2012

In June 2012 Brettles SAS Kingston made the long journey to Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. He has been purchased by Edward Adamson and joins Brettles SAS Jupiter who made the trip to Carrickfergus last year. Kingston is a son of Lumbylaw Magnus 25 out of Brettles SAS Gypsy Queen who was a daughter of Northwick King Cole 1.

Kingston has a Beef Index of 30 and a Suckler Replacement Index of 37.

Brettles Success at Midland Club Sale 2011

Z Brettles SAS Intrepid sold for 5,200 guineas at the Midland Club Sale on 7th May to Mr and Mrs J Hopkins, the second highest price in the sale. Intrepid is a polled son of X Haughton SAS Joe Louis 4 and Brettles SAS Valerie 2. He tested zero for Myostatin. He was born a twin and reared as a twin and his figures are in the top 10% of the breed.

East of England Show 2011

Brettles SAS Bluebell 13, triumphs again, winning the Native Interbreed Cow and Calf award at the East of England Show. Congratulations to Mrs J Archer on her continued success.

Suffolk Show 2011

Brettles SAS Bluebell 13, shown by Mrs J Archer, won the Breed Championship at the Suffolk Show having won the "cow with calf at foot" class and the Female Championship.

Brettle SAS Jupiter sold 2010

Brettles SAS Jupiter (a polled son of X Haughton SAS Joe Louis) was sold to Northern Ireland. He has an exceptional growth rate weighing over 800kg at 13 months of age and he scanned with exceptional eye muscle area.

Brettles Ikon, a typical Brettles calf and son of X Haughton SAS Joe Louis 4 sold 2010

This calf (pictured in summer of 2009) was sold 15 months later for 3500.
His Quality Beef Index was +40 and his Sucker Replacement Index was +53.

New Bull Purchase Success at Midland Club Sale 2010

Lumbylaw Magnus 25

Lumbylaw Magnus 25 was overall champion at the Midland Club Sale in 2010 and was purchased for the Brettles Herd for 6000 guineas! He immediately took our eye and his performance figures, his zero myostatin and his pedigree added to our enthusiasm.

Brettles Bulls Success at Exeter Sale 2010

Brettles SAS Hermes (see picture below) was placed 3rd in his class while Z Brettles SAS Humber was placed 2nd in class being beaten by the overall champion and was also runner up for the Polled South Devon Cup.

Brettles SAS Humber at the Exeter Spring Sale and Show 2010

Brettles Bulls chosen for 2009 Beef Expo Stand at Malvern

It was a great honour to be asked to take 2 yearling bulls to the Beef Expo 2009 event at Malvern to feature on the South Devon stand. Brettles SAS Hamlet and Brettles SAS Humber drew some serious attention and good comments.

(Pictured Left) Brettles SAS Humber at Beef Expo 2009 exactly 12 months old.

Royal Norfolk Show 2009

Brettles SAS Bluebell 13, shown by Mrs. J. Archer, was Female Champion and Reserve Breed Champion at the Royal Norfilk Show in 2009.

Brettles SAS Bluebell 15, shown by Miss C. Hanton won the Maiden Heifer class.

Carlisle Pedigree Beef Sale May 2009

Top price at the Pedigree Beef Day was a South Devon Bull, Lumbylaw Rushdie 2, from Robert Lee, Alnwick, Northumberland which sold for 3100 guineas. Rushdie 2 was sired by Brettles SAS Red Earl.

Midland Club Sale 2009

The Brettles herd were again at the Midland Club South Devon Sale held at Stratford Market on the 2nd May 2009. This year, Brettles SAS Bluebell 15 won 2nd prize in the yearling heifer class and sold for 1700 guineas.