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The SAS Breeding Group (STYLE And STATISTICS)

The group was set up in 1998 by a few South Devon breeders who realised that although they all had relatively small herds, by working together they could all make faster genetic progress.

With help from Signet’s Duncan Pullar and Ian Pritchard, the group chose a few criteria to use to select linkage bulls and then set out some ways in which stock and semen could be exchanged or shared to link the herds together.


All members were committed to recording and to producing pedigree stock which had good conformation and locomotion, grew fast and with above average muscularity. Ease of calving and cows with good milk figures were also important.

Only calves sired by SAS linkage bulls can carry the SAS prefix in their pedigree name and it is encouraging to find increasing numbers of SAS cattle being used around the country.

X Haughton SAS Joe Louis 4


The Brettles Herd was part of the Group from the beginning and the group’s criteria and encouragement led to the purchase of Oxey Reddish 3 from Richard Wright’s herd in 2000.

In 2008 and 2009 our Stock Bull was X Haughton SAS Joe Louis 4 bred by SAS Group member Bill Sandford. He had a Beef Index of +31 and a Suckler Replacement Index of +43.


The risks of transferring TB and the need for pre-movement testing have reduced the opportunity for swapping stock between members but the fact that all members belong to the Biobest Herdcare health scheme means that members can buy from each other with full confidence that they are not bringing in IBR, BVD or Johnes.

If you are interested please follow the links to the SAS website and look out for SAS cattle for sale at Society Sales.