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Performance Recording

There has been a commitment to recording weights and scanning for muscle and fat levels for many years on the principle that “you cannot improve anything unless you measure it” . Within the Signet BEEFBREEDER system Brettles South Devons steadily improved and produced bulls and heifers with EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) well above the breed averages.

The changeover to the ABRI BREEDPLAN system of calculation in 2005 caused some confusion and readjustment to changed criteria and method of calculation.

However the new system covers more factors and more measurements and selection criteria have been modified.

Two thirds of Brettles cows are in the top 10% of the Breed for Quality Beef Index.


Brettles SAS Red Ensign
(QBI = +66, Suckler Replacement Index = +55)

The target for the immediate future is to only keep stock which sound in conformation, locomotion, udder and temperament and also in the top 25% of the breed for Quality Beef Index.

Full details of the performance figures for all the stock in the Brettles Herd (and all other recorded herds) can be found on the SDHBS website. Once on the website click on “database” and then on “animal enquiries”.

By entering the name of an individual animal it is possible to view not only its performance data but also its pedigree and details of its offspring.

For an example look up Brettles SAS Fusilier or Brettles SAS Ikon.